Physical Inventory, RFID Project for Stratum Global, Inc

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Source: Anovatek Inc
Date: December 2007
Type: Case Study
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Overview: THE CHALLENGE: The client, one of the reputed leaders in the delivering quality professional services for innovative RFID Solutions, wanted the prototype which was with very little functionalities to be completed in a phased manner without changing the architecture. The main objective was to develop the prototype into a fully operational, ready to deploy package. The application needs to be deployed on four different devices with different operating systems, including: Intermec 750/IP4 with PocketPC 2003 OS; Symbol MC9000w with Windows Mobile 2005 OS; Psion 7535 with Win CE4.2 and 5.0 OS (both OS versions are available; Falcon 5500 with Win CE 5.0 OS.

The first major challenge was to understand the architecture and of the existing skeletal code which was highly complicated and also multithreaded for obvious reasons. The code had no documentation either. The next challenge was to run the same application on different devices without changing the business logic or re-code for each new device. Each device had its own way i.e. APIs to interact with its respective RFID readers. In one OS the menus are displayed on top right corner of the screen and in the other it is displayed at bottom right corner. For e.g. so if we place a button on bottom right corner, it would overlap with the menu. Besides not all the devices were shipped to the development site, the team was to work remotely with them.

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