Delivery Media to iPhones and iPads With Helix Solutions

Jun 14, 2010

Download Adoption of mobile multimedia has grown steadily to where over 50% of mobile devices have the ability to support playback of video and video content. While delivering live or on-demand content to these devices has been difficult based on the range of protocols, codecs, networks, and standards available as well as end users reluctance to pay additional data charges for such content, RealNetworks Helix Media Delivery Platform is seen as a leader in meeting the requirements for mobile delivery supporting devices on a number of different mobile platforms, according to the company. This document specifically focuses on how RealNetworks have approached the market requirement to quickly, easily, and reliably support the delivery of content to Apple�s iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch devices (running iPhone OS 3.0 and later) using the Helix Producer and the Helix Universal Server without the need to implement new and expensive encoding solutions or unsupported 3rd party segmentation tools.