Infrastructure Planning And Security For WLANs

by Interop

May 21, 2009

Download Enterprise WLANs are in the midst of a major upgrade as networks of standalone access points are being replaced with centrally controlled WLAN switching systems. While virtually all large-scale deployments are being built on centrally controlled WLAN switching systems, users must now choose among centralized, distributed, and collaborative architectures. That WLAN infrastructure will also need to address the new higher-capacity 802.11n radio link, which introduces a number of complications regarding network design, testing, spectrum planning, and access point powering.

While it had appeared that the security issues in Wi-Fi had been adequately addressed with standards like 802.11i and 802.1x, a new range of DOS attacks have been developed. Further, the availability of 802.11n will call for an upgrade to all wireless intrusion detection/prevention systems.

This workshop is designed to bring you up to speed on the major developments in WLANs.