Voice Over Wireless LAN And Fixed Mobile Convergence

by Interop

May 21, 2009

Download Research indicates that more than 70% of large enterprises either use voice over WLAN technology or plan to add it within the next year. Thus far, WLAN voice has been deployed on a small scale in a few industry vertical markets like healthcare, retail, and materials handling. It's extending to the general office population, where it can be used to reduce cellular costs, increase productivity, and improve accessibility for key personnel. However, to deliver enterprise quality voice service, the WLAN must support the required handoff, QOS, and battery conservation features along with providing the necessary capacity and management capabilities.

Supporting voice on the wireless LAN is only the first step. To provide better access while controlling costs, management is now looking toward FMC solutions. Leading-edge users are looking to Mobile Unified Communications solutions that extend presence, integrated messaging, and the full suite of UC capabilities to mobile users.

This session is designed to bring you up to speed on the latest developments in WLAN voice, provide the background you will need to assess current infrastructure, and understand the various options for implementing fixed mobile convergence and mobile unified communications.