How to Secure Mobility in an Increasingly Remote Workforce

Apr 13, 2012

Download In 2010, more than 26 million Americans, or nearly 20 percent of the U.S. workforce, worked from home or remotely for an entire day at least once a month, according to Telework 2011, a WorldatWork report. These statistics make it clear: A good chunk of our workforce has more than one office.

Download "Secure Mobility: Inside Windows 2008 DirectAccess" to understand the potential for great job satisfaction, and benefits and challenges to an increasingly remote workforce such as:
- Employees who are willing to work more hours, boosting overall productivity, because they can work from wherever they are
- A spike in employee retention rates and access to an expanded labor pool, since location no longer matters as much
- Potential security issues as sensitive company data moves to and from the remote office or location
- Employees who miss out on patches and software upgrades for their mobile devices

Download this white paper to understand the advantages of connecting remotely while maintaining the correct levels of security and governance.


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