Genpact sets up and runs an investment banks virtual captive, delivers six hundred percent greater trade throughput at twenty percent lower cost

Dec 20, 2013

Download When in 2006, the corporate and investment banking arm of one of Europe's largest banks, needed to reduce its risk prole by focusing on simpler 'vanilla' trades - they also had to ensure the volume of such trades increased signicantly to oset the reduced protability. With the limited back-oce capability supporting this trade and it's obsolete systems, it was challenge for the bank to cope with the rising volume of trades. So we partnered with Calypso to implement the Calypso trading application and create the core of a back oce that would also meet future needs.
Since then, this engagement that has grown from 10 employees supporting a single application to a team of 130+ consultants that support multiple business critical applications for the client's trading operations in 5 global nancial capitals.


Genpact Headstrong Capital Markets