Modern Policy Administration Systems Require Modern Implementation Methodologies

Dec 15, 2008

Download The insurance industry is rife with anecdotes of late or failed implementations and millions of dollars lost in the process. In the Celent report "The 18 Month Rule: Avoiding The Endless Project" (Nov. 2006), it was noted that �between 30% and 80% of all large projects fail, with most estimates coming in on the higher side of this range.� But it doesn�t have to be this way �- implementations of modern policy admin systems can be successful. Learn how a modern, iterative implementation approach delivers proven success for the world�s largest insurers. The white paper outlines the 7 Steps to a successful implementation and the benefits of a highly configurable, modern policy administration system. Learn how modern implementation methodologies: Mitigate risk Achieve earlier ROI Reduce total cost of ownership; and Help insurers realize self-sufficiency sooner


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