How Insurers Can Effectively Meet the Challenges of the ACA

by Verint

Jan 20, 2014

Download The Affordable Care Act (ACA) already has created a considerable amount of concern in the healthcare industry. It's also opening up new opportunities as well as significant business challenges for health insurance companies. Insurers need a means of:

� Handling the influx of new members
� Understanding the needs of these new members
� Ensuring processes are in place to meet compliance and quality standards
� Monitoring change as business models transition from an employer to consumer focus.

Managers of operations and customer support functions can use technologies such as workforce optimization and "voice of the customer" analytics solutions to help insurers address the changes while also finding new opportunities to transform their organizations to provide better services to individuals and improve business results. This white paper describes the huge transition under way, and how these technologies can help health insurance providers effectively address the challenges and take advantage of the opportunities.