Group Health -The Big Picture: When Group Health Cooperative Changed Its Investment Approach, It Looked For An Automated, Integrated and Consolidated Solution

May 01, 2014

Download When Group Health Cooperative (GHC) changed its investment approach, it looked for an automated, integrated and consolidated solution. Since adopting Clearwater's automated accounting, compliance, performance and risk reporting and analytics system, GHC has been able to free up resources for performing more strategic tasks, rather than focusing on clerical duties, such as aggregating and reconciling data from custody, credit rating agencies and the NAIC. By rolling up all of GHC's investment portfolio data into a single source, its treasury and accounting teams would be able to look at the same information -from any location-for any future inquiries or investigations. And because Clearwater performs its reconciliation daily on a web-based system supported by dedicated account managers, GHC wouldn't have to wait until month-end to determine their exposures in the event of any future market instability.

"Clearwater is not just a treasury solution or an accounting solution, but a complete finance solution," said Myers. "Thankfully, they offer the same level of automation, transparency and immediacy for insurers that they've providing for their corporate clients."


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