The Advantages of Modernizing Investment Accounting and Reporting for Insurers eBook

May 01, 2014

Download This eBook highlights a fresh approach to investment portfolio accounting, regulatory reporting and analysis-one that centers on using a Software-as-a-Service model as the new industry standard. It focuses on the challenges insurers face with regard to investment portfolio accounting and reporting, and a discussion of the advantages of a web-based solution. It also features short case studies highlighting insurers who have outsourced investment accounting and reporting, and realized dramatic improvements.

It's Time for a Fresh Approach to Investment Accounting and Reporting Challenges. Sound investment portfolio management is a critical contributor to an insurer's financial stability and profitability, yet it is a function that faces burgeoning challenges in the form of advancing technology, the accelerated pace of business and a volatile global economic system. To be prepared to react to potential financial crises, rapidly evolving regulatory compliance demands and more financially nimble competition, insurance investment managers and CIOs need updated investment information at their fingertips. This requires new standards of consistency and transparency in order to achieve greater speed, agility and scalability. The complexity and uncertainty of today's financial markets have put tremendous pressure on the teams responsible for managing investment portfolios and the functions associated with them.