Cashing In On Content Management

Oct 16, 2009

Download The Challenge:

The current financial crisis has spurred massive change in the banking sector. Bank failures have picked up speed and consumer confidence in large financial institutions has reached record lows.

In today�s climate of rapid change and constant volatility, community banks must harness technology to achieve profitable growth by increasing operational efficiencies, decreasing the cost of compliance and improving customer service.

The Solution:

Enterprise content management (ECM) refers to the tools, technology and processes that enable organizations to centrally and securely manage all of their content, while still offering individual branches, business units and departments the flexibility to react quickly to changing conditions.

This paper discusses the strategic benefits of implementing a best-in-class ECM solution: •  Streamline the loan process.
•  Automate collaborative business processes.
•  Easily integrate with existing systems.
•  Reduce the cost of compliance.
•  Improve branch management.
•  Decrease paper-handling costs.
•  Increase space efficiencies.

The Business Benefits:

By transforming manual, paper- and time-intensive processes into automated, digital ones, ECM increases operational efficiencies, decreases costs and improves customer service. For community banks looking to capitalize on the current lack of consumer confidence in larger financial institutions, ECM provides a comprehensive competitive advantage and an incontrovertible return on investment.