The Hidden Dangers of Everyday Information Transfer

Dec 01, 2008

Download Every day financial services organizations share megabytes, gigabytes or even terabytes of data with their business partners around the world using protocols such as FTP, HTTP, S-HTTP, SFTP, and FTPS. If there�s no apparent service outage, security breach or audit failure, most organizations assume these protocols are doing a secure and effective job of file transfer. But each of these protocols has serious flaws that are quietly making it harder for financial services organizations to add trading partners, putting their confidential data at risk, and possibly violating privacy and security regulations. Any organization that shares information outside the perimeter of its secure network should be aware of these risks and know that another approach � incorporating an application proxy � can deliver the security, scalability and visibility, demanded by today�s 24/7 global Web economy. It also helps organizations meet industry and government compliance regulations by providing audit trails and reports to show that they are in compliance.


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