Low Latency and Private Optical Networks Equals Faster ROI

by Ciena

Aug 01, 2008

Download Financial markets firms are overwhelmed by market data and need to build applications and infrastructure that can deliver high performance and ultra low latency to source liquidity pools, execute trades, analyze risk and maintain a real-time order book. To be competitive, firms must receive data from direct exchange feeds and then push that data throughout the enterprise, explains Tom Rice, Research Director, TowerGroup. Firms of all sizes are turning to private fiber optic networks that allow data to be transmitted in native formats and improve their ability to source liquidity. These private networks provide much better performance than IP networks and enable firms to increase bandwidth easily as capacity demands increase. Firms can easily add services with Ciena�s FlexiPort Technology, reducing maintenance and management costs, says Ray Patalano, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Ciena.