Hedge Fund Improves Risk Management and Returns with Grid Processing

Jun 15, 2008

Download When III Offshore Advisors began looking for better ways to measure the risk in their credit derivatives portfolio, they looked at everything on the market. �As a hedge fund, we had a pretty sizable budget for investing in this,� said Paul Algreen, CIO at the $4 billion fixed income firm based in Boca Raton, FL. The firm looked at high end SMP servers, Data Synapse, open-source Alchemi and other options before concluding that Digipede met its requirements. III Offshore Advisors initially looked for a more powerful computing system to meet the computational requirements for credit derivatives which are significantly more complex that vanilla interest rate derivatives, said Algreen. It chose Digipede because the system was less expensive, flexible enough to incorporate dedicated machines and idle cycles and as a Microsoft-based solution offered fast time to value.

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