Best Practices in Encryption, Key Management and Tokenization

Jul 01, 2010

Download Protecting sensitive and business-critical data is essential to a company�s reputation, profitability and business objectives. Companies know they can�t afford a data breach � customer churn, loss of business, brand damage, fines and litigation. In today�s global market, where business data and personal information know no boundaries, traditional point solutions that protect certain devices or applications against specific risks are insufficient to provide cross-enterprise data security. As enterprises seek to protect data from cybercriminals, internal theft or even accidental loss, encryption and key management have become increasingly important and proven weapons in the security arsenal for data at rest in databases, files and applications and for data in transit. And now there is a new strategy that adds an extra layer of data protection � tokenization. Combined, these offer the most powerful enterprise-wide data protection available today. This nuBridges white paper describes best practices in encryption, key management and tokenization and how an integrated, multi-level solution can effectively meet these best practices.