Security Automation: Connecting Your Silos

by Interop

May 09, 2012

Download For enterprises, managing security in today's ever-changing technology landscape is like being a farmer: it's all about managing your silos. Most IT organizations deploy many unique technologies from multiple vendors in an attempt to secure their infrastructure. Each of these technologies generally operates in its own silo, resulting in the duplication of basic functions across multiple appliances in multiple locations in the network. With security automation - enabling information to be shared in real time between heterogeneous collections of appliances - each new component added to the security infrastructure leverages value already in place in the environment. Learn how to deploy a standards-based signaling bus to enable automated, intelligent network security decisions across a variety of technology components such as firewalls, anti-virus, intrusion detection / prevention, web application firewalls, vulnerability scanners, policy servers, CMDBs, SIEM, etc. Leverage metadata accessible through standard APIs that can be accessed for real-time actions and executed by multi-vendor products, including enterprise-specific data if needed. Maximize the value of your existing infrastructure by sharing information for dynamic, real-time visibility and control of your network.