Zscaler Explains Its In-The-Cloud Service

by Zscaler

Aug 01, 2008

Download Most of today�s security products�such as firewalls, VPN, IDS/IPS�protect corporate networks and servers from threats coming from the Internet. Newer threats, such as bots, phishing, and malicious active content, target end users accessing Internet resources and infect corporate networks. Other than deploying caching and URL filtering products, corporations have done very little to inspect user-initiated traffic and protect their users. Web 2.0 applications, such as social and business networking, create both opportunities and challenges. They help create communities of interest for marketing, but also create risks when users inadvertently download malicious content, or create liability when employees publish inappropriate or confidential content on blogs and social networks. Road warriors and smartphone users further exacerbate this problem�their access to the Internet often bypasses all security controls. Zscaler enriches user experience for Internet access, while providing risk mitigation and policy enforcement for CEOs and CISOs through its in-the-cloud service.