Unraveling Web Malware

by FireEye

Sep 01, 2009

Download There has been a rapid rise in the use of web blended threats to exploit client browsers and operating systems. These can lead to infection by bots which can be controlled remotely. Eleven percent of the world�s computers are enmeshed in at least one botnet and 72% of corporate networks with more than 100 computers have an infection.

Obfuscated code and encrypted exploits are increasing in prevalence. The point of these exploits is to deploy malware onto a victim�s PC. Today, malware typically opens back-channel communications to report status and any valuable personal identifiable information that it learns.

Defending corporate networks from blended malware threats requires modern protection that functions on many levels including network, OS, application and end-user protection. The anachronistic concept of protecting information with a single technique, such as signatures, has left many businesses and consumers open to attack, despite their deployment of antivirus and IPS. Find out the tricks that cyber criminals use to infiltrate your network and how FireEye�s blended defense against Web malware prevents data loss and intellectual property theft.