A Balanced Approach:The Shift to Integrated Security Response Capabilities White Paper

Apr 18, 2012

Download Despite increased regulation, oversight and spending, corporate and government organizations continue to see an increase in cyber security breaches. According to the October 2011 GAO Information Security report, there's been a 650% increase in federal government security incidents over the last five years. And corporate incidents have gone up, not only due to the infiltration of mobile devices - both corporate-owned and employee-owned - but computer-based as well. In an interview on March 28, 2012, Shawn Henry, the FBI's executive assistant director, stated that the US is not winning the battle of keeping hackers away from corporate networks.

Given the increase in the number of attacks and exploits, the time is right to break down the barriers between teams, optimize response and collaboration across internal incident response boundaries and enable integration among the teams tasked with protecting the organization. A new approach is needed. One that involves not just new technologies, but a whole paradigm shift in the approach organizations take toward cyber security.

This paper outlines the benefits of an integrated approach to security - one where people, processes and technology integrate and collaborate using technology that delivers network analysis, host analysis and large-scale data auditing - all in a single platform.


AccessData Group