Case Study: LivePerson Secures Robust Static Code Analysis Security Solution

Apr 16, 2013

Download With more than 1million Lines of Code (LOC), LivePerson, an industry leader and provider of chat-based services, was committed to finding the most commercially available Static Code Analysis Security solution on the market. Due to the size and complexity of the codes written by LivePerson�s 150+ developers, their code analysis requirements were extensive - resulting in the investigation of many Static Code Analysis solutions including open source applications. Download, �Case Study: LivePerson� to gain a better understanding of LivePerson�s requirements, including:

� Analyze incomplete code samples with missing dependencies - reducing time and resources to audit code samples for vulnerabilities
� Manage the delta � comparing the current scan with last scan, ensuring that the security vulnerability was resolved
� Avoid precious developer time lost � ensuring a highly accurate solution
Secure code reviews are critical in maintaining an agile and continuous integration environment. Download this now.