Cloud Identity Buyer's Guide

by McAfee

Oct 22, 2012

Download The software-as-a-service (SaaS) application delivery model is growing rapidly. However, customers who adopt the SaaS model struggle to manage the overwhelming number of user accounts they have to create. Their users are constantly forgetting their passwords and calling the help desk. They are unhappy because they have to reenter their user ID and password every time they logon to an application during the day. Overwhelmed IT administrators take too long to create accounts for new users. When a user leaves the organization their SaaS accounts remain active, increasing the risk of data exposure.

All this consumes resources, increases enterprise risk, and costs your organization time, money and effort. You need help to reduce the complexity of managing the hundreds or thousands of SaaS accounts your users require, not just employees, but contractors, partners, distributors and customers. This Buyer's Guide discusses the issue of identity and access management (IAM) for cloud applications. It outlines the issues that need to be addressed, provides guidance on approaches to solving those issues and wraps up with an overview of the products from McAfee/Intel that help companies manage their SaaS account identities more effectively and efficiently.