Application Whitelisting Preventing the Advanced Persistent Threat

by Bit9

Apr 06, 2010

Download Zero-Day, Aurora, APT � a lot of different names describe today�s targeted attacks that boast unlimited tenacity and resources. The explosion in media coverage underscores a reality that security professionals have known for some time: the traditional reactive approach of blacklisting known viruses is simply no match for today�s modern malware and advanced threats.

How can you combat these evolving, well-funded threats that continue to outsmart existing defenses? According to Gartner, Application Whitelisting should be �foundational in our strategy to protect endpoints.� This proactive approach ensures only approved software is allowed to run, rendering new and unknown malware useless.

If you are responsible for protecting your company�s endpoints, download this Microsoft MVP-authored whitepaper, �Comparing Approaches for Desktop Software Lockdown.� Compares Windows 7 AppLocker, Software Restriction Policies, Application Whitelisting and more.