Enterprise Application Security: A Guide to Choosing Between Binary and Source Code Analysis

Apr 11, 2013

Download Software security is a top priority for many organizations with many considering how they should integrate security earlier on in the software development lifecycle. A process change like this would benefit organizations in the form of reduction in costs and increased productivity as a result of minimizing flaws and removing defects via software patches. Download, �Enterprise Application Security: Source vs. Binary Code Analysis� to learn about the benefits of Source Code Analysis (SCA) and how it:

•  Provides a one solution fits all - unlike Binary Code Analysis (BCA) which must read and analyze outputs from different compilers
•  Identifies vulnerabilities even when the actual library code (�missing library�) of the SQL function call is missing
•  Utilizes the exact same tool to scan the code anywhere, regardless of the OS or development hardware.Code analysis is a standard method of introducing secure software development and gauging inherent software risk.

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