Five Steps to Managing Third-Party Application Security Risk

May 22, 2012

Download How secure is your 3rd party code? What are the major security vulnerabilities present in SDLC today?

Can you trust that the code delivered to you was tested for security risks? 3rd-Parties are the Achilles' Heel in the Software Supply Chain. 40% of all software submitted at the request of large Enterprises is from third parties, but very little security testing is ever performed on this software.

This whitepaper outlines a five step process that enterprises can apply to their third-party application portfolio to gain visibility into their security state and make informed purchase, integration, deployment and maintenance decisions. From software risk assessments to embedding specific contract language into procurement contracts, these key steps provide guidance that enterprises can swiftly implement to simply and cost-effectively meet regulatory requirements, establish a third-party governance framework and protect their critical assets.