McAfee Virtual Patching for Databases

by McAfee

Mar 26, 2013

Download Organizations store their most valuable and sensitive data in their enterprise database, yet a large number of organizations do not engage in the timely installation of vendor patches after those patches have been released by database management system (DBMS) providers, placing that sensitive data at risk. In fact, a 2010 survey by the Independent Oracle Users Group revealed that of the 430 database administrators, consultants, and developers who were surveyed, only 37 percent installed Oracle Critical Patch Updates within three months of their release.

• Learn how McAfee Virtual Patching for Databases shields databases from the risk presented by unpatched vulnerabilities by detecting and preventing attempted attacks and intrusions in real time without requiring database downtime or application testing.

• Protect sensitive data during a period of serious potential vulnerability: the time window between issuance of vendor patch updates and their actual installation.

• Keep system security status current with a continuing flow of automatic updates, even for DBMS versions no longer supported by the vendor, and save your organization time and money.

• Patch and protect sensitive production databases without having to take them offline, providing protection for hundreds of vulnerabilities.