Planning Security Budgets: Quantify the Financial Risk of DDoS

Mar 05, 2012

Download Size, frequency and complexity of distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks are all on the rise, making data center security and availability a top concern for most enterprises. The goal of the attack is to prevent the data center from functioning. This translates, potentially, to a complete shutdown of ecommerce transactions, email delivery, voice or DNS services, Web site access and other business-critical services. The business impact will depend on the length of time the services are unavailable and the value of those services to the business.

IT security managers have the difficult task of assessing the threat landscape and allocating limited funds to minimize their exposure to DDoS attacks. This paper, written by Arbor Networks, a leading provider of network security and management solutions, offers guidelines and a framework for setting security budget priorities, based on risk and consequences of an attack on your business operations.


Arbor Networks