Protect Your Systems from Stealthy Attacks

by McAfee

May 06, 2013

Download The most menacing type of cyberattack is invisible. Using sophisticated techniques to hide its presence, a stealth attack may operate outside of the OS or move dynamically across endpoints to conceal the attackers' actions. The risk to enterprises is real, with high-profile attacks such as Operation High Roller impacting companies around the globe. Traditional antivirus or intrusion prevention systems are no match for this new breed of attack; instead, enterprises need layered security controls that work together to detect the presence and actions of stealthy malware and attackers.

For years, security experts have urged layers of security controls across endpoints, networks, and cloud, supported by multi-vector threat intelligence. This reduces the attack surface and the "noise" that hinders detection. But many companies have not yet achieved this level of protection. Most have porous networks with many Internet-connected entry points from which to launch an attack. Since they do not see the threat, administrators often believe they don't have a problem. Without something to "fix," cost justifying these systems has seemed difficult and unnecessary - until the company falls victim to an attack or data loss.