The Case for the Next-Generation IPS

Jul 25, 2012

Download A Next-Generation IPS (NGIPS) offers a logical and essential progression of capabilities needed to protect networks from emerging threats. Pioneered by Sourcefire®, and now endorsed by Gartner, the NGIPS builds on typical IPS solutions by providing contextual awareness - about network activity, systems and applications, people, and more - to promptly assess threats, ensure a consistent and appropriate response, and reduce an organization?s security expenditures.

The purpose of this paper is:
• To describe why NGIPS is critical in defending against today's threat landscape
• To list the essential ingredients of a NGIPS solution, as defined by Gartner
• To map Gartner's requirements against Sourcefire's NGIPS offering
• To contrast Sourcefire's NGIPS against a typical, first-generation IPS