The Driving Factors Behind the Trend Toward the Consumerization of IT

Jul 08, 2012

Download The consumerization of IT trend will likely increase in importance as the flood of new and more intelligent devices continues, and as the typical worker becomes more mobile and less connected to a centralized IT infrastructure.

Download "The consumerization of IT: security challenges of the new world order" to understand this trend, which is the result of three related factors, including:

• Huge growth in the use of personal consumer devices (smartphones, tablets, etc.) for business use

• Massive popularity of social media vehicles for communicating with others, and for broadcasting information about oneself Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more

• Strong growth and use of cloud-based services for greater efficiency of IT processes

Download this white paper to allow your IT team to leverage the opportunity to serve as a strong enabler of new business models, rather than as just a caretaker of technology components.


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