Top 10 Mobile Application Risks

May 22, 2012

Download With the DroidDream malware discovery in March, and then Pandora's vulnerabilities identified in April, the inevitable happened: 2011 become the "year of mobile malware". All the pieces of the malware ecosystem puzzle that researchers have been warning about are falling into place. Modern mobile applications run on devices that have the functionality of a desktop or laptop running a general-purpose operating system. While many of the risks are similar to those of traditional spyware, Trojan software, and insecurely designed apps, mobile devices aren't just small computers. They're designed around personal and communication functionality which makes the top mobile application risks different from the top traditional computing risks.

In this presentation, Veracode's Vice President of Security Research, Chris Eng, will outline the Top 10 Mobile Application Risks, designed to educate developers and security professionals about the mobile application behavior - both maliciously - designed or inadvertent - putting users at risk.