2010 Annual Study: U.S. Enterprise Encryption Trends

Mar 18, 2011

Download This 2010 Ponemon Institute benchmark study, sponsored by Symantec Corporation, shows in its fifth annual study concerning encryption trends for U.S.based companies that data breaches continue to have serious financial consequences on organizations.

This year�s report, entitled 2010 Annual Study: U.S. Enterprise Encryption Trends, found that for the first time, regulatory compliance has surpassed data breach mitigation as the main driver behind implementation of encryption technologies.

This study tracks the use of encryption in U.S. organizations and the perceptions IT practitioners have about the value of encryption in safeguarding sensitive and confidential information. It focuses on identifying trends in encryption use, planning strategies, budgeting, and deployment methodologies in enterprise IT. This year�s survey draws on the experience and insight of 964 U.S.-based IT and business managers, analysts, and executives from 15 industry sectors. Thirty-eight percent of respondents were at the director level or higher.

The survey addressed the following topics:
� The maturity of an organization�s IT security and data protection program
� How encryption is used in organizations
� Encryption features organizations consider most important
� If organizations use a platform approach to managing encryption solutions
� How encryption relates to organizations� risk management efforts
� How important encryption is to the safeguarding of data on mobile devices

To see the results of this study, download the report today.


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