Protecting Your Network Against the Growing Danger of Web Attacks

Dec 31, 2010


Web-borne malware is now more common than malware that enters an organization through email. The number of Web sites discovered per day, that carry malware increased 400% in 2008. This drastic increase in infected sites can cause serious issues for your business. Organizations need to proactively protect their networks both by instituting acceptable usage policies for employee web usage as well as implementing a solution to combat these malware intrusions.

This report explains:
  • How web-based threats are superseding email threats as the leading entry way into corporate networks

  • The impact of web-based threats on your business

  • Why proactively protecting your network is important

  • How implementing a layered approach to combating these threats is the most effective solution

  • And finally, how a hosted service, like MessageLabs Web Security and Filtering service may be the right choice for you organization


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