Secure Managed Web Hosting Saves from Malicious Hackers

by Armor

Mar 17, 2010

Download Nathan Smith, a renowned speaker, author, and entrepreneur in web development was hosting (a CMS-powered Textpattern website) and (a static HTML website a CMS-powered textpattern website) with a very popular and publicly traded cloud hosting company. There, the sites struggled with security and up-time, then they were hacked. The hackers left behind a nasty back-door PHP script that allowed them administrator privileges that allowed them to change file and directory access permissions and to add numerous bogus links to undesirable websites at will. This type of cyber crime has been called a SEO Bot Hack, and it is one of the most difficult attacks to detect. Find out how secure website hosting provides the protection Smith's sites require to protect his reputation as a premier web design professional, as well as his site visitors.