Security-In-Depth Using Integrated Risk-Conscious Controls

Nov 01, 2011

Download Today's attacks on IT infrastructure are becoming more frequent, targeted and sophisticated. They range from well-funded, state-sponsored attacks to attacks from trusted employees and consultants. And the targets of the attacks are equally wide-ranging, including national governments, utilities or other power-generating infrastructure, and private business. Yet most organizations seem stuck in the traditional castle-and-moat approach to security. This approach assumes there's a clear boundary between what's inside and outside the organization and that attacks come from external sources. Clearly today's threat environment requires a new approach.

In this paper, you'll learn about:

� Recent attacks like Stuxnet and WikiLeaks that illustrate trends in today's more complex, more active threat environment.

� How organizations continue to approach IT security in a way that simply doesn't work in this environment.

� What security controls are recommended by industry-recognized sources.

� How most organizations have the security controls they need, but just need to implement them in a more effective, integrated way.

Download the paper and learn more about today's threat environment and what's needed to protect your valuable data and IT infrastructure. Then learn how the Tripwire VIA platform, which integrates your valuable Tripwire security controls, provides a new, effective approach to security.