Email Protection Buyer's Guide: Choosing the Right Solution for Strategic Deployment of Email Encryption

Jun 01, 2011

Download Email is an essential business tool that helps organizations to efficiently communicate -both internally with colleagues and externally with customers, clients, and partners. Yet with this vital tool comes the specter of sensitive data exposure caused by sending unprotected email.

The risk goes wherever unprotected email is transmitted or is stored -including the Internet, cloud-based services, servers, desktop PCs, laptops, and mobile smartphones. The exposure of customer data, intellectual property, or legally protected data such as financial or personal health information can trigger penalties, lawsuits, damage to an organization's brand, and loss of business.

Every organization should address these risks by protecting sensitive email, and the most effective way to do that is with email encryption.

This buyer's guide presents selection criteria to help technical buyers of information technology choose the right solution for strategic deployment of email encryption.


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