Adapting Endpoint Security to 'Mobilized' Consumerization

Dec 20, 2008

Download Consumer electronics and applications are proliferating in corporate IT environments, significantly increasing the threat of lost and stolen data. Personal devices such as smartphones and Mobile Internet Devices (MIDs) are now commonly brought to work and used for business purposes. This consumerization of corporate IT is predicted to accelerate in coming years as Digital Natives -- those raised playing computer games -- penetrate corporate ranks. This generation not only has a great fascination with ultra-modern electronic gadgets, they also have a natural ability to operate them. This fact along with continued progress in microelectronics, telecommunications, and consumer product offerings will make it virtually impossible for IT departments to stop the spread of consumer habits and tools in the workplace. In preparation, significant attention must be paid to the definition and enforcement of IT security policies related to personal devices and corresponding changes in security threat profiles. To meet the challenge, the industry should have an effective solution for every aspect of endpoint security.