Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation: Continuous Diagnostics Begins with RedSeal

Nov 05, 2013

Download In any comprehensive cyber security program, especially for federal agencies and government contractors continuous monitoring is the fundamental building block and a core practice.

RedSeal is positioned to find and help eliminate gaps in one's security controls and, more importantly, prioritize or measure the impact of those gaps so that users can balance security investments with the highest return on those investments. RedSeal takes into account the underlying business value of enterprise/individual systems and assets, based on their importance to operations or retention of sensitive data, allowing users to prioritize mitigation even more effectively. The network mapping function is a wonderful visual representation of assets and the interconnections that may exist based on network and various controls in the environment. The ability to conduct a reachability study based on a threat and to determine where and how far that threat could propagate in an enterprise is a valuable analysis tool. This provides a great opportunity to mitigate either a threat or vulnerability before the actual compromise or exploit. The correlation capability of the RedSeal product takes a lot of the noise out of the traditional vulnerability scan process by providing a real risk priority based on the entire environment.

In this white paper you will learn how RedSeal's Continuous Monitoring Solution will help you gain near real-time visibility; understand threats in your environment, including found vulnerabilities and misconfigurations; comply with FISMA through automated asset, configuration, and vulnerability management.


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