Endpoint Backup & Restore: Protect Everyone, Everywhere

by Code42

Sep 03, 2013

Download Let's face it, users store business data on laptops and desktops, even if they're not supposed to. And mission-critical data-including sensitive, executive-level information-exists exclusively on these endpoint devices.

IT organizations unprepared to provide easy-to-use, easy-to-administer, cross-platform endpoint backup and restore are at risk for needless data loss and IT management nightmares.

Luckily, there's a way to quickly and easily protect endpoint data. Available now as an on-demand webinar, you can hear how Arek Sokol from the bleeding-edge IT team at Genentech/Roche leverages cross-platform enterprise endpoint backup in the public cloud as part of his company's global, "100% virtual" strategy. Sokol also discusses how an enterprise endpoint backup solution enables organizations to:

•Protect all data, regardless of platform
•Empower a single admin to easily support the backup needs of thousands of users
•Enable end users to quickly and easily restore data on their own, without help from IT
•Easily access protected data from any mobile device

Additionally, Arek explains why file sync/share is an inadequate backup alternative, and should be avoided at all costs.