5 Critical Data Security Predictions for 2011

Dec 09, 2010

Download Last year, enterprises of all sizes saw an exponential increase in the information risks they face. The term "data leak prevention" entered common usage among security professionals, while new buzzwords like "advanced persistent threat" gave them more things to worry about.

Listen to a recorded webcast presented by Andrew Jaquith, Chief Technology Officer for Perimeter E-Security and recent Forrester analyst, as he wraps up the year's top security stories, looks forward to the year ahead, and predicts five security trends for 2011.

Topics and Objectives:

• Another Year of Living Dangerously: A Look Back

• Three Key Incidents from 2010 and Lessons Learned

• Take it to the Bank: Five Data Security Predictions for 2011

      -Your employer locks down your phone

      -Data leak prevention goes mainstream

      -The �Advanced Persistent Threat� meme dies

      -US crawls towards EU-style data protection

      -Public data security benchmarks emerge

• Q&A


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