A Pragmatic Approach to SIEM: Buy for Compliance, Use for Security

Jan 19, 2011

Download Many organizations today are so compliance-focused that they take a bare minimum security approach to securing the organization's sensitive data. They simply purchase an SIEM and/or log management solution and view that as sufficient. What they're really doing is making sure they can check a compliance checkbox for regulations and standards like PCI, ISO 27001, NERC, and others that have log management or SIEM-related requirements. In reality, they're neither truly compliant nor secure.

In this white paper, Dr. Anton Chuvakin, recognized security and compliance expert and author of the blog "Security Warrior," describes practical steps organizations can take to not only gain compliance from their SIEM and log management solution purchases, but also improve security.

Specifically, Dr. Chuvakin explains:

• The current trend toward bare minimum security

• The purpose of an SIEM solution versus a log management solution

• How to determine which solution you need based on the problem you are solving

• The compliance requirements various regulations and standards have around log management and SIEM

• Practical steps for gaining security as a byproduct of compliance efforts

• Mistakes to avoid when using an SIEM solution for compliance