Scale the Data Tier with NetScaler Intelligent Load Balancing

Aug 01, 2011

Download Social networking, mobile devices and the upsurge of Web 2.0 have caused exponential growth in data. Businesses seek to access data and turn it into meaningful business intelligence, but traditional approaches to data management simply can't keep up.

Citrix NetScaler enables a new approach - an intelligent SQL proxy that provides:

� SQL connection multiplexing

� SQL load balancing

� SQL content switching (read/write split)

� SQL health monitoring

� Automated IP failover

� Enhanced Security

NetScaler SQL Intelligent Load Balancing offloads database servers so they can do more. It routes SQL requests to the best server based on policies and server health to improve performance and reliability. And it enforces and logs user access to enhance security. This paper could help you survive the information explosion!