A Hidden Security Danger - Network Timing: The Role of Accurate Timing in Reducing Network Security Risk

Oct 24, 2012

Download Most anyone who uses a PC no doubt sees the little clock at the bottom of the screen, dutifully ticking off the minutes of the passing day. But chances are they don�t often think about the role that clock plays in the network to which the PC is attached.

In fact, virtually every piece of equipment attached to a data network has a similar clock, although it may not actually show the time of day to anyone. Until, that is, something goes wrong. Should a portion of the network go down, the clocks on every network device suddenly take on added importance.

This paper discusses the role of security and accurate time synchronization: establishes the correct �when� of historical (past) events, allows ordering of future planned events, and enables synchronized, real-time interaction between network devices and processes.