Domain Attribution: Piercing the Veil of Masked Domain Owners

Jul 12, 2014

Download As the Internet has evolved to become a primary channel of trade and commerce, so has the sophistication of criminal organizations and other perpetrators of fraudulent schemes who take advantage of domain privacy features as a means by which to mask their true identity. Domain privacy, a controversial topic since its introduction in 2003, provides domain owners with the option to substitute the registrar's contract information for their own. While there are a variety of legitimate reasons why an individual or organization might want to conceal their identity when registering a domain, criminal organizations and threat actors have increasingly become the primary beneficiaries of domain privacy and have perfected the art of using this feature in order to pursue any variety of fraudulent activities.

But how difficult is it to pierce this secretive veil and what tools and methods can be applied to shine a light on those who wish to remain anonymous? This guide will show you how DomainTools products can be applied in an investigation to identify the perpetrator, build a profile of a cyber-attack, and proactively protect your data, infrastructure and intellectual property.