Email on Cruise Control: How to Guarantee Security, Speed and Confidence in Email

Apr 14, 2010

Download Email is a necessary and critical component of the modern business. All manners of communication, external and internal, corporate memos to customer orders and even legal documents now flow freely via email. Given the high value of the information flowing through email, companies must ensure that their email systems are available, secure, private, compliant with regulatory requirements and resilient to data loss and legal exposure.

Unfortunately for most companies, addressing any of the challenges listed above could be a full-time job. Most IT departments are ill-equipped to handle all facets of email security and availability. On top of the administrative challenges posed by storage management and eDiscovery, criminals are more dangerous than every before. Botnets send over 150 million unsolicited emails a day and malware is more dangerous and stealthier than ever, stealing a company´┐Żs most important and critical data and sending it back for resale or blackmail.

Most companies assume that all the critical functions required to ensure that email is both secure and available are being handled by the IT department. The truth of the matter is that even the best IT departments are ill-equipped to handle all threats and challenges that this entails. Learn how a secure hosted email solution can provide IT departments with the expertise they need to address the many security and availability challenges of the modern organization while maintaining the flexibility of choosing which features will be hosted and which are maintained under the control of the IT department.


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