Forensic Domain Mapping: How to Reverse Engineer Domain Ownership in a Cyber Investigation

Jul 12, 2014

Download For investigators tasked with identifying the perpetrator of online fraud, it's often the little things that can make the difference. Cyber investigators must work diligently to ferret out the smallest details in order to snare their quarry. Investigating a digital crime is not so dissimilar as investigating a crime in the 'real world'. While popular TV shows might have you believe that a single fiber found at the scene of a crime will lead directly to a guilty verdict, the reality of course is not quite so cut and dry. Rather, investigators must rely on the accumulation and correlation of many small units of information from which an empirical conclusion might be drawn.

For cyber investigators, the challenge is even more acute. As the Internet has matured, the tactics of criminal organizations have likewise grown in sophistication, and investigators must adopt a wide range of tools and research methodologies in order to identify and prosecute bad actors. This guide will show you how DomainTools products can be applied in an investigation to identify the perpetrator, build a profile of a cyber-attack, and proactively protect your data, infrastructure and intellectual property.