Holding the Fort-Securing Your Network with App-Aware Firewall Testing

by Spirent

May 25, 2014

Download The news is littered with stories of enterprises that have suffered costly downtime and damaging lawsuits as a result of security breaches. Even high-profile names such as LinkedIn, Sony, and RSA are not immune. Lack of security is costly, but how much should an organisation spend to address their security issues?

When it comes to security, you spend money to lower risk - much like spending money on the legal department to reduce your liability.

But installing a security solution does not guarantee protection against a breach. With the new breed of next-gen firewalls, the problem becomes more complicated. Testing is the key to effective security. But inadequate testing creates a false sense of security.

This paper describes how a test platform that uses industry best practices, with the power to create realistic tests, allows organisations to test and deploy security solutions with confidence.