Identity and Access Governance: Bringing Business and IT Together

by NetIQ

Jun 20, 2012

Download As different as IT and business needs might seem, in the case of identity-management and access-governance systems, you cannot meet the needs of one without meeting the needs of the other. It is imperative that both systems work together to meet and exceed business and IT objectives. While IT must support compliance efforts, provide access, keep systems secure and update technology and computing environment, business managers are concerned with staying compliant, passing security/regulatory audits, mitigating risks, quickly responding to internal and external customers and having the ability to view the entire enterprise in an easy-to-understand and use system.

Proper research, planning and partner selection will ensure that your organization's IAG solution meets both the business and IT needs or your organization. Read this white paper, to gain insight:Identity and Access Governance: Bringing Business and IT Together.