Part 3 Whitepaper - How to Approach Implementation : A Practical Guide Big Data Security Analytics

Mar 03, 2014

Download How to approach implementation is number three in a series of three white papers - all focusing on Big Data solutions for cyber security analytics. We are aware that application of Big Data is still new to cyber security analytics, and changes in both the Big Data and the security analytics markets are on the way. To support an early adopter approach, we have, in chapter one, described some implementation principles which have led to successful deployment. In chapter two, we go into details about how our CyberReveal solution started as an in-house project and became a Big Data cyber security analytics capability that can now be applied acrossmany industries. In the last chapter, we talk about how our CyberReveal, a Big Data cyber security analytics capability, can help accelerate the applications of Big Data to cyber security analytics.

The following issues are highlighted in this new whitepaper:

� Early adopter approach
� Example of a successful deployment
� Our big data security analytics


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