RedSeal Networks Customer Case Study - Polk

Nov 05, 2013

Download Customer case study on Architecting Next Generation Security Management Infrastructure. RedSeal's automotive industry customer Polk faced the same the same fundamental IT security management challenges encountered by most enterprise organizations today - specifically those driven by increasing network infrastructure complexity and the emergence of more advanced attacks.

Polk needed to improve its ability to maintain continuous visibility into critical asset protection, and advance its efforts to achieve compliance with the ISO 27001 standard, among others. Polk sought added automation that would allow it to mature multiple security and vulnerability management processes.

Prior to RedSeal, the only way Polk could gain a detailed view into the current state of their security infrastructure was to ask the company's network team for a logical or physical diagram. Based on their static nature, the documents made for an ineffective instrument in attempting to gain insight into complex issue such as network change. Download this case study for more information on the implementation.


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