RedSeal Platform Datasheet

Nov 05, 2013

Download The RedSeal Platform is a cyber-security intelligence system that is based on proactive end-to-end complex network modeling and analysis. It provides network, security, and risk management teams with a firm understanding of where security is working, where improvement is needed, and where greatest attack risks lie. RedSeal replaces blind security management with a platform that enables enterprises to visualize the network infrastructure; comply with regulatory and internal policies; and protect the enterprise's digital assets from attack.

The RedSeal Platform does all the magic without disturbing the network traffic. It imports the configuration of network devices (Routers, Switches, Firewall, Load Balancers, Wireless Controller etc.) via repositories or live connections, and then builds the "virtual reality" model of the network and apply sophisticated mathematical computations to figure out, for every endpoint, what can access what via what path. From there, the RedSeal Platform can do further analysis on risk and exposure by importing the vulnerability scan data and applying the access intelligence on it. As a result, users can use this analytical intelligence to instantly see what access violations are, what top exposures are and what the overall risk situation is.

Hundreds of enterprise and government agencies use RedSeal Platform today to continuously gain situation awareness of their network. RedSeal Networks is the leading provider of network infrastructure security management solutions that continuously provides network visualization and identify critical attack risk and non-compliance in complex security infrastructure.


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